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Medway Culture Club volunteers, from left to right: Jason Warner, Norman Charles, Camealia Xavier-Chihota, Mandi Halpin, Phil Richards, Jerome Xavier, Zhané Moncherry Desfosse, Charlene Hall, Athena Xavier, and Cory Lamont Boothman, Bisi Sijuade. Photographed by volunteer, Ivor Riddle.

"A group which deals with social isolation and promotes racial harmony has been nominated for a National Diversity Award.

Medway Culture Club has been put forward for the community organisation category.

Launched last year amid the pandemic, the club was founded by educators and professionals in industry's such as accountancy, fashion, graphic design and web development, who recognised the need to support diversity and inclusion.

The soon-to-be charity aims to encourage personal value and self-esteem with young people aged between five and 16.

So far there have been five free online lessons provided, it will launch its first face-to-face session on 3rd July.

The lessons are designed and delivered by qualified teachers to broaden perspective, enhance social skills and build character.

The National Diversity Awards are known for celebrating achievements of grass-root organisations.

One of the club’s co-founders, Camealia Xavier-Chihota, said: “We are absolutely amazed and immensely proud the club have been nominated.

"We would be extremely humbled to gain enough support to even be short-listed given that we are still in our infancy and still trying to raise awareness of our services with the local community.”

If you would like to vote for the club, click or follow the link on Medway Culture Club's website here:

The nomination comes as the organisation offers its fifth workshop.

Starting at 10am on Saturday, the session, Spotlight on Mary Seacole, is being hosted to commemorate International Nurses' Day and the 73rd anniversary of the NHS's founding.

Medway Culture Club have been nominated for a Community Organisation Award

The club will be spotlighting the pioneering British-Jamaican nurse of the 19th century who set up the "British Hotel" behind the lines during the Crimean War.

The free interactive workshop will explore her life and highlight her achievements.

It will also touch on the origins of the NHS and celebrate those who have contributed to its success, past and present.

Special guest, Del Del, from Little Crowns Storyhouse, will also be present at the session and deliver a vibrant educational puppetry performance, engaging children through song.

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