Who we are

A collective of educators and professionals from within and around the Medway community. With a charitable purpose, we all have a passion for unity and youth work.

What we do

Medway Culture Club is an independent initiative which offers a supplementary education service to support the cultural diversity within Medway.  


We aim to promote social and racial harmony within the local community and to facilitate inclusion. We will do this by creating cultural access points and increasing active engagement. 


Medway Culture Club will deliver extra-curricular education in areas such as:

arts & culture, history and sports, through a combination of structured lessons, practical play, and social interaction. 


We will encourage good citizenship and community cohesion, which broadens the understanding of ourselves and the wider world.



We would like to capture some input from you to ensure we deliver a beneficial service which is easily accessible. If you are a Medway based parent or guardian, or, in fact, a young person yourself, we would be grateful if you could take a few moments to answer some key questions to assist the delivery of Medway Culture Club. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us..


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