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#Thankful Thursday

Medway Culture Club is an independent, community lead-initiative, which offers supplementary education to support the cultural diversity within Medway.

Born in the Summer of 2020 (amid the global pandemic) Medway Culture Club was formed with the objective of addressing social isolation and promoting racial harmony within Medway. Medway Culture Club was founded by a collective of home-grown local educators and industry professionals who volunteer their time. They each recognise the need to support diversity and inclusion through community cohesion.

This monthly Saturday club launched with a free online event in December 2020 and has delivered 4 more free sessions since. It is will great pride that Medway Culture Club are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund. This funding will help launch their face-to-face sessions, beginning on 3rd July 2021, providing key resources to strengthen their interactive educational service and enable them to team up with individuals and businesses who can offer an added edge to workshops, including a hot lunch.

Medway Culture Club are keen to promote cultural exchange in as many ways as possible and say this support will enable them to offer local children a diverse curriculum and varied learning opportunities and activities at a subsidised cost.

Earlier this month, the Club joined forces with Little Crowns Storyhouse who delivered a vibrant educational puppetry performance on Mary Seacole, engaging children through song. Looking forward, the 3rd July session will be in partnership with the award-winning IROKO Theatre Company, who will deliver a traditional African storytelling and hands-on drumming workshop. To finish, children will be served a Caribbean lunch provided by local food vendor HQ Jerk Shack.

"We cannot thank you enough @tnlcommunityfund"

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