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Meet some of the MCC Dream Team: Charlene

Charlene volunteers as part of our curriculum team and works a Higher-Level Teaching Assistant in a local primary school.

“I enjoy supporting and working with children and their families from a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and I look for opportunities in the school curriculum for children to learn about a diverse range of people, places and events.

History and diversity are two things that I feel passionate about which is why I became a member of the Medway Culture Club. I think learning about other cultures and the different voices within history gives a more balanced view of the world, and promotes inclusion and acceptance.

I personally love learning about all types of history and cultures, my favourite African historical figure is the Warrior Queen Nzinga, and my favourite period in British history is the Tudors with so many fascinating characters. I am currently tracing my family tree which is a mixture of Welsh, Caribbean and African heritage. I’ve managed to trace family members to the early 1800s and have found out some fascinating things. It is a journey I will continue, going as far back as I can, and hopefully inspiring others to learn about their own family history which may take them across continents like mine has.

In my spare time I love to watch historical dramas, read and spend time in the garden.”

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