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Medway Lottery!

Medway Culture Club are really excited to be part of a brand new lottery for local good causes in Medway. The lottery which has been launched by Medway Council will help raise much needed funds for local good causes.

60p from every £1 goes towards Medway Culture Club and will help us in continuing with our work across Medway.

The next draw takes place on 9th October, with a grand prize of £25,000!

Medway Culture Club was formed mid-pandemic, in 2020 with the objective of addressing social isolation and promoting racial harmony within Medway. It was founded by a collective of home-grown educators and industry professionals who volunteer their time and expertise. We each recognise the need to support diversity and inclusion through community cohesion. So far, we have achieved this by offering free online workshops. On 3rd July 2021, we launched our monthly classes, which bring the community together to learn from each other, in person!

This community-led club aims to not only educate, but also empower children by encouraging an appreciation of diversity, building positive relationships, and understanding the perspectives of others. We are a not-for-profit organisation, currently applying for charity status which relies heavily on our fund-raising skills.

Medway Culture Club provides a much loved and valued service for the community.

We need your help so we can continue to offer and even expand our service!

Thank you for your support and good luck!

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