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Ancient Civilisations: Featuring Mansa Musa of Mali - The "Gold King" Booking now open!

Updated: May 22, 2021

In the month in which we celebrate Father’s Day, this interactive workshop explores some of our forefathers and their civilisations. Touching on ancient histories, including the Roman Empire, this session will explore the lesser known Kingdoms of Mali and Kush. We will learn about their inspirational leaders Mansa Musa and Queen Amanirenas and the attributes which they are best remembered for. We will look at some of the cultural customs and advancements which they created and how these may have influenced modern-day society.

Beginning with ice-breaker practical activities, before moving on to a multi-media lesson. Aimed at 5-11 year-olds, this hour-long session will be delivered by Jason warner (school teacher) via Zoom and family participation is welcomed.

Book your FREE place by clicking the link below:

Date: Saturday 5th June Time 10-11am Age: 5-11 years

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